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Managing dual career expat couples, the new challenge of HR

Dernière mise à jour : 2 juin 2022

Companies, which attract and retain high-potential candidates, have integrated the management of the dual career of expatriate couples into their HR policy. They have understood that the accompanying spouse no longer wants to sacrifice his/her career to follow the other. Talented, versatile, qualified and financially independent, his/her expectations must be taken into account. Who are these new spouses? What are their personal and professional expectations? How to promote integration and job search? And what tools can the employer put in place to respond to the issues raised?

This book is both practical and interactive. It gathers a collection of real-life accounts, interviews of international mobility experts, as well as practical advices and calls to action. It’s targeted to all those who are confronted with the issues of managing dual career expats, and who wish to find ways to tackle new challenges.

Expat spouse in over 7 countries, Armelle Perben is the founder of Absolutely French, a center for the integration and well-being of accompanying spouses and the development of their full potential. In 2021, in order to to foster the dual career of impatriate couples, she launched Absolutely Talented, the meeting for recruiters and international talents.

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