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Tools Available in the Book

The book contains plenty of worksheets to help you prepare spouses for expatriation and allow you to gain feedback on how you’re supporting expat couples. It also introduces you to the decisions expats face and the new vocabulary they encounter when deciding whether to take on an expatriation.

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Did you know...?

  • On average, an expatriation costs 300,000 per year.

  • In 36% of cases, failed expatriations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa are the result of family problems.

  • 91% of employees offered expatriation opportunities will make their decision based on the employment opportunities offered to their expat partner.

Helpsheets Include:

  • Example email for getting in touch with the spouse

  • Interviewing with the partner prior to departure: outlining their goals for expatriation

  • What to include in an employee satisfaction survey

  • Pros and Cons of Cash and Services Bonuses

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