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What is the purpose of the book?

Dernière mise à jour : 2 juin 2022

How to manage the dual career of expat couples? More than a guide, this book is a real toolbox: words of expatriates, HHR/IMM, exclusive interviews with experts in international mobility... ` "Based on my own experience and that of hundreds of expatriates I have met, and the exchanges I’ve had with numerous companies with high levels of international mobility, I wanted to propose some guidelines so that you can implement your own actions. You will find them in the second part of the book. Some of them require a significant budget and logistics, but most of them are simple and cheap, because they are simply common sense. I wish this book could be the reflection of our coaching and support. Practical, useful and interactive. This is why you will find various suggestions throughout the pages as well as tool sheets to help you better support the dual careers of expatriates."

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